Hi! My name is Matthew. I'm based in the UK, living in Swansea. I like to live by (or at least close to) the sea !
My Email address is MatJonesIllustrations@gmail.com
I am on Instagram where I post daily. I also run an Etsy shop, called Binky Greetings. Links below:
I'm the one next Mickey with the family. Little Mickey is hiding. I am 38 now and worked as a Finance Manager for most of my days. But I am a creative at heart. My Finance job has paid the bills, now I can concentrate on making gorgeous illustrations! I'm UK based, living in Swansea. I like to live by the Sea. 
Youtube has been my teacher, certainly for Photoshop and setting up this website! I mostly work digitally but love Copic Markers. Lately I have fallen back into creating pictures by hand, using pen and ink, and then adding the digital gloss. 
These are our two Rabbits, Mufasa and Lady. One year up, one year down. Mufasa was named because he really is the King of the house. I dint know Rabbits were so intelligent and cat like until he came along. Lady has calmed him down and is very prim and proper. They both provide me with plenty of reference material. 
Thank you!
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